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Whether you’ve served in the military or not, if you suffer from chronic pain, you can benefit from holistic, nonaddictive battlefield acupuncture (BFA) treatments. The pain management specialists at the Pain Institute of Southern Arizona — with five offices in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Green Valley, Arizona — expertly treat pain with a single needle in just minutes, using BFA. Whether you have chronic pain or you’re a medic who wants to learn more about how to use BFA on the battlefield, call the Pain Institute of Southern Arizona or book an appointment online today.

Battlefield Acupunture Q & A

What is battlefield acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine practice that treats pain and dysfunction by inserting extremely thin needles into various areas on your body. In contrast, a doctor who’s expert in BFA inserts up to five gold-plated needles into each of your ears to relieve generalized body pain. Battlefield acupuncture is fast and easy to administer, which makes it an ideal treatment for military personnel on the go.

How does BFA work?

One of the needles that your BFA doctor inserts into your ear stimulates an area of your brain called the cingulate gyrus, which processes pain. Researchers believe that the needle stops pain sensations from arising and being perceived by your nerves. In total, your doctor inserts the needles into five specific acupoints in each ear:

  • Cingulate gyrus
  • Thalamus
  • Omega-2
  • Point Zero
  • Shen Men

After your treatment, you feel pain relief and a sense of well-being throughout your entire nervous system.

How long do the needles stay in place?

In traditional acupuncture, the needles are removed after about 20 minutes of rest. In BFA, you don’t rest during the session, and your doctor doesn’t remove the needles. You can go straight to your work or normal activities, and the needles fall out by themselves over the next several days. 

What kinds of pain relief can I get with BFA?

Because BFA provides generalized pain relief, you can use it for any pain condition you have, whether acute or chronic. Most of the time, you experience immediate pain relief that can last for hours or days. 

How many BFA treatments do I need?

Women and men decide for themselves how many treatments they need, based on their pain symptoms. You can get BFA as often as you wish, without fears of addiction. Most of the time, you need fewer treatments as time goes on. 

Can I still perform operations and missions after BFA?

Unlike opioids and other medications, BFA rarely has any type of side effects, and those are related mostly to irritation at the needle site. A BFA treatment doesn’t impair your judgment, make you feel sleepy, or interfere with eye-hand coordination. You can go straight back to your mission after your treatment, even if you’re a pilot.

Will BFA work for me, even if other pain management has failed?

Many women and men who’ve been frustrated by inadequate pain relief in the past respond well to BFA. About 80% of people treated with BFA respond to just one treatment.

Whether you’re currently in the military, are a veteran, or just suffer from acute or chronic pain, contact the Pain Institute of Southern Arizona for BFA by calling your nearest office or booking an appointment online.

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